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Chinese Immersion Programme

Children are immersed in a Chinese-speaking environment. Through continuous exposure to the listening, speaking and writing of the language, they pick up the language naturally in a meaningful and fun way.

Children also engage in culturally-rich activities like reciting Chinese poems, learning Chinese idioms, calligraphy and cultural music and dance.

阅读理解,成语接龙,组部件成字,选字 组词,组词成句,看拼音加汉字,还有趣 味游戏和活动

I would like to enrol my child(ren) for this 4-days Holiday Programme:
“Chinese Immersion Programme”
16/03/20 Mon to 19/03/20 Thu
9am – 5pm

    Seeds, Seeds, Seeds

    Children will explore seeds through dissecting, sorting, comparing and contrasting. They will discover their location in fruits, vegetables, and in the environment; learn the many ways seeds travel and what they need to grow; do seeds mosaic / art and hands-on planting experience.

    I would like to enroll my child(ren) for this 4 days Holiday Programme:
    “Seeds, Seeds, Seeds”
    16/03/20 Mon to 19/03/20 Thu