About Us

We offer a variety of programmes that cater to children from Preschool to Primary School.

Life Skills

Our Montessori preschool accepts children 18 months to 6 years old. Class size is kept small to allow accelerated learning.

We also offer After-School services for families who require supervision and homework guidance for their primary school-going children.

Our team of teachers are experienced in guiding preschool children using the Montessori method of education whilst our primary school tutors are well versed with the school syllabuses to guide your child in his/her schoolwork.

Parents Loves Us

Why Choose Us

  • Our Mission
  • Our Beliefs
  • Our Environment

    Our Mission is...

    To love and nurture every child on the journey of lifelong learning.


    All children are viewed as unique individuals with great potential to achieve success in life. Each individual learns at his/her own pace and every child is treated with love, respect and acceptance.

    We believe in holistic development of each child and we emphasize on the character building and teaching of the right morale values to help developed compassion for others through acts of love and kindness.

    We believe in providing our children with a physically safe and emotionally secured environment to promote their independence and self confidence.

    We believe in good partnership and having a respectful relationships with the child’s parents and caregivers. Mutual understanding between teachers and parents helps in supporting children’s learning.

    • Low teacher-student ratio
    • Experienced and passionate teachers
    • Nice conducive learning environment
    • Support holistic development of your child