Montessori Preschool

(18 months to 6 years old)

Available at Braddell centre located at 45A Carmichael Road Singapore 359826

Skills that Your Child Will Acquire



Using the Pink, Blue and Green series, Montessori Phonics groups essentials of phonics into short vowel sounds, consonant blends and phonetic combinations. Your child will be able to master the art of reading and writing easily.

Early Math

Using Montessori didactic materials, your child learns mathematical concepts, build a visual representation of numbers, geometry, the basic operations and is thus well prepared for mathematics in primary school.

Life Skills

Montessori Practical Life Exercises expose your child to daily life activities, care and maintenance of him/herself and the environment, and also grace and courtesy between people.

PlayNursery (18 months to 3 years old)

This caters to children aged 18 months to 2.5 years old. The programme is curated to make learning fun and nurture your child holistically. It covers the following areas:

Nursery to Kindergarten (4 to 6 years old)

We prepare your child for formal learning in Primary 1 in a fun and nurturing environment.