Montessori Preschool

Montessori Preschool

Our Montessori Preschool programme is developed to prepare your child for the rigorous Singapore primary school academic standard.

Our teachers are experienced and dedicated.  Our class size is kept small so accelerated learning can take place. We also incorporate speech and drama as part of our Preschool programme to help develop your child’s interpersonal skills, enable him/her to become effective communicator and confident presenter.

Skills that Your Child Will Acquire



Using the Pink, Blue and Green series, Montessori Phonics groups essentials of phonics into short vowel sounds, consonant blends and phonetic combinations. Your child will be able to master the art of reading and writing easily.

Early Math

Using Montessori didactic materials, your child learns mathematical concepts, build a visual representation of numbers, geometry, the basic operations and is thus well prepared for mathematics in primary school.

Life Skills

Montessori Practical Life Exercises expose your child to daily life activities, care and maintenance of him/herself and the environment, and also grace and courtesy between people.


This caters to children aged 18 months to 2.5 years old. The programme is curated to make learning fun and nurture your child holistically. It covers the following areas:

Purposely planned life skills activities pave the way for the development of independence and self-reliance in carrying out daily routine activities.  These activities include lessons in self-care, care for the environment, grace, and courtesy. They also enhance your child’s coordination and concentration, and indirectly prepare them for reading and writing.

Sensorial activities tap into your child’s 5 senses of learning: tactile (touch), visual (sight), auditory (hearing), olfactory (smell), and gustatory (taste). He/she develops the ability to classify items in the surroundings based on his/her sensory experiences. Knowledge gained through working with sensorial materials also serve as a foundation for mathematical concepts.

Language enables your child to express and communicate. To learn it, there needs to be a firm foundation in phonics. The activities and materials isolate parts of the shape of the letter and parts of the word (the sounds) so your child start recognising and saying them.

Your child will learn numbers through 10 as well as associating quality with quantity. Activities will be hands-on (concrete experiences) to provide your child with sensorial impressions of the mathematical concepts.

These activities lead your child to experience music, stories and artwork. Your child will develop an awareness and appreciation of the world around him/her through our quarterly themes such as My Community, Creepy Crawlies, Occupations Transportation etc.

Nursery (N1 N2) to Kindergarten (K1 K2)

This is for children 3 to 6 years old.  

We prepare your child for formal learning in Primary 1 in a fun and nurturing environment. While these levels also include Practical Life, Sensorial and Discovery of the World, the emphasis is placed on the following areas:

A child’s ability to decode and read fluently is a strong indicator of future academic success.  Our Montessori Phonics helps your child develop reading and writing skills by following a prescribed order. We employ the Montessori Phonics’ Pink, Blue, Green Series which breaks down the essentials of phonics into 3 groups: short vowel, consonant blends, and phonograms. The series, in addition to word building, sight word reading, and the corresponding phonetic readers help your child master the art of reading and writing easily.

Our Montessori Mathematics curriculum moves from the concrete, physical and tangible method to increasingly abstract concepts of mathematics. The lesson sequence is carefully thought out, with each new lesson building upon the previous ones. It includes beginning and advanced counting, ordinal numbers, the decimal systems, identification and counting of money, time, fractions and the 4 operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Our programme prepares your child to transition effortlessly to the rigorous Singapore primary school mathematics curriculum.  It covers topics such as time, money, number bonds, graphing, and lengthy word problems.   Your child will be acquainted with testing conventions like multiple choices, fill in the blanks, and follow written directions.  

Montessori Grammar curriculum takes the pain out of learning grammar . Your child child quickly learns the parts of speech and how they function. The noun, verb, article, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction, pronoun and interjection are represented by a system of coloured shapes.