Enrichment Program

Speech and Drama

Speech and Drama opens the world of communication and the power of the spoken word when used effectively and appropriately.

Each child is encouraged and supported to be confident in his or her expression of the spoken word. We see each child as unique. Our classes allow them to explore, develop, experience and learn, and, at the same time, to achieve their potential in this field of communication arts.

Our classes offer these students the opportunity to practise and master techniques and skills necessary for this objective. This is taught through the exciting medium of play using drama, improvisation, poetry, choral speaking, puppets, reader’s theatre and story-telling in a group setting.

Our methodology and curriculum is customized according to the child’s development of communication skills and abilities in order to allow him or her to master confidence in communication and mindful expression of thought.


  1. Improved communication skills
  2. Clearer articulation and correct enunciation
  3. Proper pronunciation (using Standard English)
  4. Stronger vocal projection
  5. Better vocal modulation
  6. Understanding the use of body language and facial expression
  7. Assists in listening skills
  8. Promotes memorization skills
  9. Boosts confidence and self-esteem
  10. Helps in creative thinking
  11. Encourages spontaneity and quick thinking
  12. Helps in bonding and teamwork
  13. Exposure to a wider use of vocabulary and better command of the English language
  14. Enjoyment of the written word
  15. Appreciation of English literature
  16. Love for language and the spoken word

What do we do in our classes?

  1. Vocal and physical warm-up exercises through song and movement activities. This includes breathing, relaxation and posture exercises.
  2. Voice and speech work with objectives to achieve vocal projection, modulation, articulation, pronunciation, rhythm and body/facial expression.
  3. Choral Speaking to enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of poetry in a group
  4. Poetry recitation to enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of poetry for individual performance
  5. Drama plays for teamwork, character creation and spontaneity
  6. Improvisation and Role-playing to activate imagination, creative thinking and spontaneity.
  7. Storytelling for the creation and embellishment of stories.
  8. Puppets for characterization and imagination.
  9. Reader’s Theatre to use drama and character creation to appreciate and enjoy reading aloud.
  10. Confidence and self-esteem building.
  11. Performance Skills for the stage
  12. Communication skills through sharing of ideas in a thoughtful and respectful manner.

Creative Art

The programme focuses on basic exploration of the element of
art and the priciple of design through experimentation. The wide
range of media allows the child to explore and strengthen their
sense of aestheticism. The young child learns colours, values,
lines, shapes, forms, spaces and textures.

Little Mind Builder

To engage children with a specialized play based approach which aims to stimulate children’s critical thinking skill.


  • Powerful thinker
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concentration and Memory Problem solving
  • Sustained attention
  • Logical thinking
  • Coping with winning and losing Analytical skill
  • Stress management Cause and Effect