Chinese Immersion

Learn Chinese Language

These days, the importance of knowing the Chinese language cannot be undermined yet many find Chinese language challenging and hard to learn.

We believe that learning Chinese is not necessarily hard if it starts from early years by talking in and listening to the language frequently. Research also supported that early years is a critical phase for language development in children. It is on this premise that our Chinese Immersion programme is developed.

Chinese Immersion Programme

In this programme, your child will be immersed in a Chinese speaking environment in which he/she gets lots of chances to hear and use the language. We spent a lot of thoughts in the planning of the activities to make sure your child learns and acquires the language in a natural, fun and meaningful way and not overwhelmed and intimidated.

Beside listening, speaking and writing, your child will be engaged in culturally rich activities such as reciting Chinese poems, learning Chinese idioms, Chinese calligraphy, cultural music and dance, listen to Chinese stories.

Chinese Learning